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Can Invigorate HGH help you “enjoy a healthier & happier life?” like the official website promises.

Before I researched HGH, this promise would have sounded too good to be true. But after seeing what HGH can do, I realized Invigorate HGH could potentially improve quality of life.

The question is: does Invigorate HGH work?

Unfortunately, too many HGH supplements are ineffective. Besides wasting consumers’ money, they give good supplements a bad name. Let me share my research so you can get the facts about Invigorate HGH.

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What Is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) regulates growth within the body. Although it’s more active during childhood and adolescence, HGH is important at all life stages.

Specifically, HGH creates new cells to replace old ones. These are just a few resulting benefits that come from HGH:

• Stronger muscles
• Healthy, young-looking skin
• More energy
• Easier weight loss
• Less muscle soreness and joint pain
• Improved libido and sexual performance

When HGH levels are deficient, negative aging effects become more apparent.

Does Invigorate HGH Contain Hormones?

No, Invigorate HGH does not contain human growth hormones. The only way to obtain actual HGH is by prescription. This is because HGH injections are potentially dangerous and require supervision. Invigorate HGH takes a safer route.

Natural chemicals stimulate the pituitary gland to make and release HGH. This natural process occurs constantly in your body. But sometimes, your body needs some help. That’s where Invigorate HGH comes in…

The Ingredients

Invigorate HGH contains ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland. These ingredients are safe and natural, and so is the method they use.

L-Glutamine levels get depleted during exercise and the body doesn’t replenish them quickly. This is a problem for HGH because L-glutamine maintains and protects the hormone. A clinical study showed glutamine increases HGH production, too.[1]

L-Dopa directly increases dopamine. Most people are familiar with dopamine as a feel-good chemical. But research shows it also raises HGH production by stimulating the pituitary gland.[2]

GABA works with dopamine to stimulate the pituitary gland to make more HGH. Then, GABA creates an HGH-friendly environment in the body. This increases the amount of HGH the pituitary gland releases. One study found GABA supplements boosts HGH levels up to 400%. The supplement was even more effective when study participants exercised.[3]

Alpha GPC creates more acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that enhances learning and memory. Recently, researchers found acetylcholine increases HGH secretion within 60 minutes.[4]

Testosterone Advantage is a patented calcium fructate product. Calcium fructate is a mineral complex found in fruits and vegetables, which may enhance HGH production. But mainly, this ingredient boosts testosterone.[5]

Alpha Lipoic Acid improves cell function and enhances insulin sensitivity. It may decrease plaque buildup in arteries, too. In one study, people taking ALA lost significantly more weight than the placebo group.[6]

The remaining Invigorate HGH ingredients are zinc, vitamin B6, L-carnitine, hops, and magnesium. These ingredients don’t boost HGH. Rather, they improve overall health.

About the Company

It appears Invigorate HGH is the only product this company makes. And I must say I’m impressed. Not every HGH supplement contains as many proven ingredients as Invigorate HGH does.

During my research, I contacted the company with questions. Their responses were prompt and informative. If you call, do it in the morning. Customer service seems to be less busy around this time.

I like the live chat feature because it’s fast and convenient. I rarely wait more than 3 minutes to get a response. The company promises to respond to emails within 24 hours. So far, they’ve been true to their word. In fact, I usually get a response in less time.

Best Place to Buy Online

Actually, the best place to buy Invigorate HGH is the official website. Even if there were other options, I’d still recommend and here’s why:

Invigorate HGH retails for $69.95. But the official website sells it for only $29.95. If you buy 2 bottles, the price is $59.95 and you get 1 Green Tea Fat Burner order free.

Buy 3 Invigorate HGH bottles and the price is $79.95. This is the best deal because the price is $26.65 per bottle. Also, you get 3 free Green Tea Fat Burner orders.

Orders ship within 1 business day and arrive within 3-4 business days. Orders with 2+ bottles ship for free.

The official website offers a money back guarantee, so consumers can try Invigorate HGH risk free.

The Invigorate HGH Guarantee

“We are so sure about the HGH stimulating effects of Invigorate that we back each order with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee,” promises the official website.

I recommend using the entire bottle before deciding if Invigorate HGH works or not. If you’re not thrilled with your results, call customer service. Don’t worry, their job is to give you a return authorization number, not deny you a refund.

When you return Invigorate HGH, write the RA number by your name and address. It must be displayed clearly or the company may not be able to process your return.

Under the guarantee, you get a full refund for 1 used and every unused bottle. Shipping fees aren’t refunded.

Final Say

I was doubtful when I first learned about Invigorate HGH. But the research quickly cleared my doubts. Invigorate HGH contains natural, safe ingredients. 4 ingredients are clinically proven to boost HGH. In fact, they are some of the most powerful HGH boosters.

Since Invigorate HGH works naturally, it is safe and effective. The company stands by their product. So, if Invigorate HGH happens not to work, you can get a full refund.

Invigorate HGH is an excellent HGH supplement. It should live up to the claims, so I recommend buying it.

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