SeroVital HGH Review

Serovital HGH

By: vagueswoosh

A lot of people fantasize about life when they were 10 years younger.

And while you can’t go back in time, Sierra Research Labs, like so many other supplement companies, says you can get your body back by increasing HGH levels, specifically they want you to believe you can do it with SeroVital HGH.

SeroVital HGH is an HGH releaser, which means it uses natural ingredients like other HGH supplements to increase human growth hormone levels.

Today, there are clear indications increasing HGH can provide numerous benefits including:

• Reduced body fat
• Increased lean muscle mass
• Strengthened bones
• Improved energy levels
• Diminished wrinkles
• Heightened sex drive
• Improved mood

SeroVital HGH advertising echoes these benefits, which you would expect. However, it’s down to the SeroVital HGH formula to actually increase HGH enough to deliver them. After taking some time to look at some studies on SeroVital’s formula, I was curious if SeroVital HGH was strong enough to get the job done, so I looked into the product further.

What’s in SeroVital HGH?

Since everything hinges on the SeroVital HGH formula, let’s start there.

Sierra Research Lab doesn’t tell us anything about their formula on their website. To discover that information, I had to look elsewhere. Luckily, SeroVital HGH retails on as well. According to Ulta, SeroVital HGH contains:

L-Lysine – L-lysine is the first in a long line of amino acids in SeroVital. Lysine produces hormones that trigger greater HGH release from the pituitary gland. Because lysine isn’t naturally-produced, you’ll need adequate levels from your diet. With the extra lysine in SeroVital, your HGH production should increase.

L-Arginine – Arginine is an amino acid that increases HGH levels as well as widens blood vessels to facilitate HGH circulation. It works especially well when combined with lysine. In a 1997 study, subjects who took arginine and lysine say significant increases in HGH circulation [1].

Oxo-Proline – Also known as pyroglutamic acid, oxo-proline is an amino acid with antioxidant properties. It’s also used to moisturize skin. This provides some anti-aging benefits, but does nothing to directly increase growth hormone levels.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) – NAC is a modified cysteine molecule. Like oxo-proline, it has a high antioxidant count. These antioxidants boost the immune system and improve health, but do nothing to raise HGH levels. However, when NAC is metabolized, it produces glutathione. Glutathione in turn increases DHEA and IGF-1 levels, which promote greater HGH release [2].

L-Glutamine – L-glutamine is the last amino acid in SeroVital and among the most powerful. Glutamine raises circulating HGH levels within 90 minutes of ingestion, according to one study [3]. It also prevents muscle breakdown, maintaining good body composition.

Schizonepta Powder – Rounding out the formula is the herbal extract schizonepta. Schizonepta treats inflammation, but no evidence suggests it promotes greater HGH release.

The amino acids in SeroVital are good ones, but they’re also commonplace. You can get these from your diet if you take care. Furthermore, there’s no ingredient information to judge whether the formula includes recommended quantities for each amino acid.

Sierra Research claims this formula is backed by a clinical study, but the study is not peer-reviewed or printed in a scientific journal.
If I had to guess, I’d say SeroVital is no more effective than your average HGH releaser.

Can SeroVital Cause Side Effects?

Another concern many people have with HGH formulas is side effect risk. While all ingredients in SeroVital are natural and non-stimulating, excessive amino acid intake can cause a few problems. Specifically, arginine and glutamine can cause:

• Bloating
• Water retention
• Nausea
• Abdominal pain
• Diarrhea

Of course, without information on ingredient quantity, I can’t be sure if these side effects will be severe or if they will be present at all. Just be aware that they’re a possibility.

How Much Does SeroVital Cost?

If SeroVital sounds like something you want to try, you can find it at for $99.99 or at for $89.99. It’s also available from other retailers like Lucky Vitamin, but all prices stay within this range.

Although this is significantly cheaper than growth hormone injections, this price still stings. You’ll likely need more than a 1-month supply to see the full benefits, which means you’ll be shelling out $100 every month for an indeterminate period of time.

Is There a SeroVital Guarantee?

Sometimes a money-back guarantee reassures customers and makes the price tag more palatable. While SeroVital HGH advertises a “100% money-back guarantee,” there is no additional information on the website or elsewhere online.

If you’re unsatisfied with SeroVital HGH, you may need to contact the company at 1-800-435-1409 and request more information about the refund. Most refunds cover only the first 30 to 90 days of purchase, so don’t put it off.

Is SeroVital Worth a Try?

SeroVital HGH has gotten a lot of press, but I’m not sure it deserves it. With a sketchy backing trial and guarantee, an expensive price, and commonplace ingredients, I don’t see anything spectacular about this product. I’d recommend looking elsewhere before trying SeroVital.


[1] Suminski, R.R., R.J. Robertson, F.L. Goss, S. Arslanian, J. Kang, S. DaSilva, A.C. Utter, and K.F. Metz. 1997. Acute effect of amino acid ingestion and resistance exercise on plasma growth hormone concentration in young men. International Journal of Sports Nutrition: Vol. 7, Issue 1.

[2] Keller, Rob. Glutathione: Max Health for Life. Accessed from

[3] Welbourne, T.C. 1995. Increased plasma bicarbonate and growth hormone after an oral glutamine load. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 61, Issue 5.

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